Wait. Who's this Liza?


Liza is twenty-five years old.
Liza lives in New York City. 
Liza has the job you want, but could never intern long enough to get. 
Liza has it all together. 
Until she doesn’t.

OH, LIZA is a show for the internet about a girl who pulls the emergency brake on her life in hopes of moving back home with Mom and Dad. But, arriving in suburban New Jersey, Liza discovers that her parents have rented her childhood bedroom to a stranger, a dude in his twenties, also trying to figure it out. Navigating this bizarre living situation, reconnecting with old friends while avoiding others and rethinking what it means to call yourself an adult are among the hazards of suburbia in this charmingly uncomfortable new series about the consequences of trying to press pause on your life.

So, we made this thing. 


OH, LIZA is brought to you by AUNTIE PRODUCTIONS, the creative mothership of Cat Coyne & Kait Schuster, aided by the generosity of over 200 independent financial backers, who helped Cat and Kaitlin raise $$$ on Kickstarter. (Woo! Go Team!)